Of Anthems And Ashes: The Uke Songs

by Emily Rowan

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These songs were originally recorded and released as part of a compilation album with Burning Fences, a York-based initiative promoting local creativity and community, along with music by Windowsills & Aerials and Simon Bolley. You're welcome to take them for free, but if you are feeling generous please give me some money and a portion of it will go to Burning Fences.


released November 24, 2012

Songs written and performed by Emily Rowan.
Featuring Jenny Eden (violin), Simon Bolley (percussion) & Alice Rowan (keys, glockenspiel and backing vocals)
Recorded by Dominic Davies.
Produced by Steven Jeffels.




Emily Rowan York, UK

Emily Rowan is a singer, piano basher, uke toter and glitter addict. She plays theatrical, poppy, 'punk cabaret' songs, usually based on autobiographical scenes blown up to fairy tale-esque proportions. She also composes songs and sound tracks for theatre and other projects. ... more

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Track Name: Cemetery Waltz
The graveyard is open all night
And it's lovely when people drop by.
There is no danger, so don't be a stranger;
We're bound to be in any time

Here's where the craic's to be found.
There's whiskey and Guinness, enough to go round.
If it's family or friends that you seek,
In the graveyard is where you'll eventually meet.

MoCushla, you'd make a lovely corpse,
So pass us a spade and we'll vacate a plot
MoCushla, you'd make a lovely corpse,
So kick off your shoes and join in the cemetery waltz

Come, gather round the tombstones
We'll tell you stories about our old bones.
Think that you've heard them all, there's always one more;
There's men dying round here who've never died before

Like old Owen who expired where he sat.
When they brought out the coffin he wouldn't lie flat,
So they bound him down with a rope round his chest,
Till the wake, when he popped up and startled the guests

And Aunt Phila had brothers and sisters galore
And she thought in her bones that she'd outlive them all,
When she heard her poor brother was ill
She bought a funeral coat; now she's wearing it still

MoCushla, you'll make a lovely corpse,
So pass us a spade and we'll vacate a plot
MoCushla, you'll make a lovely corpse,
So kick off your shoes and join in the cemetery waltz

And if when she's within the cemetery walls
Your daughter hears music she didn't before
There is no need to fret, we won't let her catch cold:
We'll tuck her in the soil with the stories we've told

And we'll steal her a stone, there's no need to behave
When the marble's piled high on the travellers' graves
You can visit her anytime, no cause for tears.
Drop her off at the gates and she'll walk home from here

MoCushla, you make a lovely corpse,
So pass us a spade and we'll vacate a plot
MoCushla, you make a lovely corpse,
Kick off your shoes and join in the cemetery waltz
Track Name: Tantrum
I, I'm 2 years old again
And I won't do anything
That I don't want to

I fell down and hurt myself
So i'm screaming at everything
Cause I just want attention

But please, please leave me on my own
Cause there's nothing that you can do
To make me feel better

   I know it's unacceptable
   That screaming and kicking
   And scratching and biting
   And sulking won't get anything done

My face is falling apart again
My skin's chapped and eyes swelling
And they have been for months

And I, I'm so fed up with it
Doctor doesn't know what it is
And nothing i do seems to help

   So I'm plying myself with all 
   Sorts of cream and pills
   Trying to sleep, maybe 
   That's where the trouble lies
   Cause stress isn't good for me
   I know, but honestly
   I don't think that I can
   Do much about that right now

I haven't seen my best friend in weeks
Is that what you are to me?
Are you too busy to talk?

And how, how would you know that I'm 
So fucking annoyed at you
For not telling me things I needed to know

And it kind of hurts
That you went and forgot that we'd 
Set a date for a movie
And Doctor Who

   I wish I could beat you up
   Wish I could make you see
   Wish that you'd call me and
   Wish that you'd talk to me
   Wish that you'd get it
   But of course you don't get it
   Cause you're just a boy 
   And quite frankly what do boys know?

But I, I'm 26 years old
And I'm moping about everything
That I can't control
Track Name: A Resignation Letter
Dear Mr Bunce and Mr Lee,

I'm sorry to inform you that I'm pulling out, I'm packing in; I will not be of service for a while. And I admit that it's been fun despite the lack of time and sleep. We pulled it off and made ends meet, but I feel it's time to leave because the boss and I do not see eye to eye.

So I'll take a sebattical a month of sunday's long and I will face up to my qualms and I will put them in a song that I will sing to you on my return to tell what I've been doing with my time, and I'll invent so many clever ways to say I'm feeling fine.

I've got some childhood traumas to address and it's not helping that at every turn I'm faced with your concept of wrong and right. I'm not saying that I won't come round to your way of thinking,
but I'm making my escape before I start to steal the mic clips just to spite your mistaking me for any other than an angry, doubting, messed up prima donna.

In this existential crisis of faith it's not me, it's you who won't exist. So forgive me if I deconstruct the syntax of each syllable to unearth the meaning that I might have missed.

So thanks for your understanding and for giving me a chance to have my say, but for now I'll sit in silence.

Yours sincerely,